Full Course on Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Grammar and Pronunciation

50+ video lessons accessible from our exclusive mobile app. These videos are highly exhaustive covering all our tricks, strategies and concepts.

Live Classes during the weekend and Daily Practice Sets (DPS) during the weekdays

Live Classes every Saturday and Sunday  for IELTS sections with focus on one section each week. Daily Practice Sets (DPS) every single day during the week!

Direct and Continuous Access to Chief Coaches on WhatsApp

Ask whatever and how many ever doubts you want on WhatsApp 

that are addressed by the Chief Coaches! 

15 Personal One-to-One Reviews - Valid for upto 6 months from date of enrollment

The Biggest and Most important feature! These are 15 one-to-one calls with you where we review your work, give you targeted feedback. This is as personal as it can get! 

In addition, these reviews are interchangeable - For example, if you are weak in Writing, you can have all 15 reviews for Writing. Or 10 for Writing and 5 for Speaking. Or 4+4+4+3 for each section - Upto you to mix and match! Completely flexible!

Validity - 6 months. Tailormade to get you your scores!

You can attend live classes, ask doubts  for upto 6 months. Review calls can be scheduled every day continuously for 20 days or spread out for 6 months. It is completely your choice, based on your strengths, weakness, exam dates and convenience.

Study Material - 20 sectional mock (5 mocks in each section), 2 Vocabulary and Collocation e-books

Use these materials for your self-practice. These materials are for yours to keep. Lifetime access!

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Grassroot GOLD is a highly successful program created to help you get your scores. Have a look at one of our students speak about the program.

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The complete Grassroot GOLD package is available 

at a fee of Rs. 25,000. 

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