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  • Chief Coach - Writing and Listening
  • MBA (LDP), IIM-Calcutta
  • Certified Career Counsellor, UCLA Extn, California



  • Chief Coach - Speaking and Reading
  • MBA, ISB Hyderabad
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education Administration, Symbiosis, Pune
  • Author of "WATGD Handbook 2018-19"


Praveen S, IIM-B EPGP Admit

"The kind of persuasiveness, determination, commitment and rich experience that Aparna has is truly one-of-a-kind and is very hard to come across these days. Her counselling and career advice sessions are truly eye-openers and is highly recommended. She is extremely patient and ensures that she completely understands your profile and strengths/weaknesses before making any suggestions / recommendations. Thanks Aparna for your support. All the Best."

Mukundh R, Chennai

"Aparna has got a good methodical approach in getting to know one's abilities and likings and does a great job in nudging him/her towards better options. Tells how much committed she is to the job. The career guidance report was well rounded in terms of career possibilities and the explanations on where and why I would thrive were simple enough to understand. :)"

Aarushi Agarwal, Jaipur

"Aparna ma'am has been so helpful throughout that it has become very convenient for me to choose my field and select a suite college. She is there 24/7 to help and she is very motivating to push you to reach great heights and aspire for big things. Thankyou aparna ma'am for being such a supportive person."

Kunaal Kansotia, Delhi

"In a world where 90% people are just after money and very few are concerned to help you out then "Grassroots" is the place for you. The way they guide you, the way they advise you is commendable. Thank you for your effort and advise Aparna. I really appreciate that."

Shriya Barpanda, Bangalore

"Got a great overview as how to proceed further on for making career decisions and got a lot more clarity with respect to the aforementioned.
The mention of being provided with follow up advice was great to hear.
Overall a very constructive experience!"

Urmil Sarit

"Lovely and supporting people, The amount of dedication they show in mending up your career is commendable. Not only they give you excellent life choices, they even motivate you to pursue what's good for you."